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This ultimate tinting website is made from the culmination of split testing over $1 million in marketing, resulting in the highest converting website for window tint shops.

400% Increase in conversions

Through meticulous monitoring, including heat maps and user behavior tracking, we’ve identified and eliminated barriers to conversion ensuring every element of the site is optimized for maximum engagement.

The world's largest window tinting website..

The world’s largest window tinting website template features 1500 media pieces, including 3 narrated videos and up to 30 pages of information for your business and services. A comprehensive resource for all things window tinting.



The greatest in the business with over 30 pages of in-depth information and 1500 pieces of media. Professional writers optimize and create all content,



Lightning fast speed. Easy access to its useful resources and information is made possible by the navigation's speed and smoothness.



Three expertly narrated tinting videos with fresh perspectives on window tinting. Offering a unique feel for your customers to help close them



Advanced customer tracking capabilities to allow your business maximum retargeting range to help close customers who didn't book right away.

Integrated Tint 360 Experience

The Integrated Kepler Experience revolutionizes window tinting by combining automotive and architectural features. Your customers can explore car tints in 360 degrees or simulate film applications on buildings, offering a unique perspective that sets our products apart and enhances the decision-making process. This innovation is a game-changer in the industry, making it an essential tool for closing deals.

Dynamically branded

Elevate Your Business with Custom Videos. Showcase your window tinting services with a stunning video that sets you apart. Enhance your website and elevate your online presence.

Beautifully designed tinting websites

Benefit from our expertise gained from implementing hundreds of websites for the tinting industry. Our continuous monitoring and upgrading ensure your site stays ahead, providing a visually appealing and effective online presence. Get a website that’s crafted for success.

Pricing options

 Our pricing plans cater to both non-Kepler members and exclusive Kepler – Club 1571 dealers. Non-members can choose from a range of affordable options tailored to their needs, while Club 1571 dealers enjoy special rates and benefits, reflecting our commitment to their success. Explore our plans and find the perfect fit for your business.

Option One: Non-Member

$4,990 Website cost

$199 set up. then $129/mo

Option Two: 1571-Member

$0 Website cost

$199 Set up. then $64.90/mo

Frequently Asked Questions

The base monthly fee covers both your access to support as well as your site hosting fees, plugin upgrades, and more. Your site is hosted on a professional-grade server hosting environment with CDN deployment. Automatic WordPress updates are performed at the network level and tested to ensure your site is firing on all cylinders. You’ll get automatic feature updates to our own host of plugins as well! In addition, your site is backed up daily, to ensure you never have to worry.

*Your monthly fee may vary based on the Support/Services you select

We offer unlimited email support, and we’ll help you with whatever you need!

The best way to take advantage of our fantastic support is by emailing [email protected] directly with your question or comment – our average response time is within a few hours and this will allow us to thoroughly investigate your request and consult with other team members if and when necessary.

We manage your Kepler WordPress website with Kepler admin. That means we hide everything that does not concern your business. We are responsible for updates, themes, etc. For this reason, you cannot add your own plugins by yourself– however, if you need to add some plugins, please contact Support.

The tinting website template is a pre-designed website template specifically created for businesses offering tinting services for cars, homes, and commercial buildings.

On request, we can make a few minor tweaks to your tinting template, but because it’s such a big website, it must stay on the big server we maintain here which will prevent user customization without the assistance of a Kepler Agent.

Contact our team, and we’ll help you upload videos or images to the website template.  Also, you are able to add media files on your own.

Please be aware that occasionally we may advise against using particular movies and images because they may detract from the aesthetic appeal of this website. 

All Kepler websites were made with SEO in mind. As an added service for your company, our copywriters may completely rewrite your website.

At Kepler Agency, we help our clients by optimizing our core templates to be within ADA compliance standards. All websites are compliant out of the box, and our designers will suggest best practices and warn you of any non compliant requests during the initial development phase. However, because we allow for client controlled design and content, it is ultimately the client’s liability to continue to maintain and ensure their website stays ADA Compliant. If you are interested in an extra layer of security, we recommend looking into ADA Protect plugins, and reach Kepler Support.

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