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Our new advanced conversion trackers improve reporting and optimization for better performance and growth. They accurately track conversions for ROI, provide real-time data for informed decisions and maximize ad spend for goal attainment. 

Poly-Search Campaigns

With our advanced tracking systems feeding data from all angles, these Poly-Search campaigns, once installed in your business, will keep evolving to the landscape, offering a level of sophistication and effectiveness unmatched in the industry.

Our system identifies potential customers who show interest in window tinting, capturing their attention early in their decision-making process.

Using sophisticated algorithms and installing tracking layers to your site, we then retarget these users across multiple platforms, ensuring your brand remains visible and top-of-mind.

Finally, our strategic approach to retargeting is designed to convert these leads into loyal customers, maximizing your return on investment.

Become Omnipresent

74% of website visits don’t convert on the first visit. By becoming omnipresent, our system retargets users across campaigns, increasing the chances of conversion and keeping your brand front and center.

Poly-Search Campaigns

Bing should never be counted out, and our Bing Poly-Search campaigns adapt seamlessly to the ever-changing digital environment. Once integrated into your business, they continually refine their strategies, providing a level of precision and performance that sets a new industry standard.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

With our Facebook and Instagram ads, we take care of everything for you. We provide the creative media, install our tracking pixels on your site, and gather data to ensure your campaigns are targeted and effective. Our expertise in these platforms allows us to optimize your ads for maximum reach and conversion, giving you a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

Pricing options

 Our pricing plans cater to both non-Kepler members and exclusive Kepler Club 1571 dealers. Non-members can choose from a range of affordable options tailored to their needs, while Club 1571 dealers enjoy special rates and benefits, reflecting our commitment to their success. Explore our plans and find the perfect fit for your business.

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Club 1571 is the exclusive domain of the industry’s elite, a prestigious membership that is application-only. By joining, you’re not just purchasing window films; you’re stepping into a circle of professionals who are shaping the future of window tinting. Our members are handpicked for their commitment to excellence, ensuring that they have access to the best resources and support to build a lasting tinting empire. Be part of the select few who define the standard in window tinting with Club 1571.

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