Learn how to install, configure and use you Kepler website

How to create and connect to an email account

Create a free email account #

Login to your Kepler admin account.

Click to view the Service and view service details.

Under Quick Shortcuts open Email accounts.

Also, if you scroll down, you can create Quick create an email account.

Let’s back to Email accounts from the Shortcuts section. When you open email accounts Click Create. A new interface will appear. Highlighted with red number 3 is the number of available email accounts.

  1. Enter a new email address in the Username text box.
  2. In the Password section, enter a secure password in the Password text box.
  3. Click Create to create the account.

Use Webmail to check your account #

To check your email account through Webmail, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to https://example.com:2096 in your preferred browser, where example.com represents your domain name.
  2. Enter the username part of your email address in the Email Address text box (for example, username for the [email protected] address).
  3. Enter your password in the Password text box.
  4. Click Log in.

Configure a device to check your email #

To set up an iOS® or Android™ device to check your email, read our How to set up a Kepler email account for iOS® and Android™ documentation. It includes helpful steps and screenshots that will walk you through the process.

Configure a client to check your email #

Navigate to your email account and click Connect Devices.

Copy or send instructions to your developer.

Remove access to email #

To disable access to email, remove the account from the device that is accessing the email. If you do not have access to the device, change the password to the email account using the Security section of Emil accounts manage interface.

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