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How to add custom code

The Custom Code feature allows you to add CSS and snippets of code such as Google Analytics code or Facebook Pixel code and assign it to load in the location of your choice, with the priority you set. There is no need to edit your theme’s files.

To add a new Custom Code, go to Kepler Admin > Custom Code and click the button to add a new code.

Here, you’ll be able to add your custom code snippet into a smart code editor, select the location with the page’s structure to include it  (e.g. either in the page’s head element, or at the beginning or end of the body tag), and set its run priority. If you register two scripts in the same location, the priority you set will determine which one of them will load first (1 is the most important, to 10, is the least important). Finally, you can assign display conditions just as you would for any Elementor Site Part (Header, Footer, etc). Once you’ve finished, publish your code and it will be live on your site.

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